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SSLCOMMERZ payment gateway(BD)

SSLCOMMERZ is the first payment gateway in Bangladesh opening doors for merchants to receive payments on the internet via their online stores. Know more…

Let’s get started: First of all we may create a database and table, copy the table script and execute it using corresponding database.

In this post we have use ASP.Net MVC application to perform operations. create a new MVC application and copy the view to your Home page/billing page.


Home View

After clicking Pay now button it will redirect to sslcommerz page, select a payment method.



response message will display like below


Home Controller

In our controller we need to reference below .dll

  1. using Newtonsoft.Json;
  2. using System.IO;
  3. using System.Net;

Response Data

Save Transnational data to database

after successful transaction we can now save our transnational data to database.

Finally it will redirect to merchant application success page.

pay_4 pay_5

Source Code: I’ve uploaded the full source code to download/clone @github, Hope this will help 🙂

Documentation: Download PDF


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