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In this article we will try to understand what is event and how to handle and raise Events.

Note: Before start reading this article please hold a clear concept on delegates. Follow the link to read the previous article on Delegates.

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In this article we will try to understand what is delegate, how to use it.

Dictionary meaning:A person sent or authorized to represent others “or “A person designated to act for or represent another or others

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Encapsulation VS Abstraction

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This is a bit confusing while both are like same, cause the definition  where abstraction is showing only necessary and the encapsulation is hiding complexity.

It’s seems that they are similar, but actually they’re not, here’s how they are differ:


  1. Abstraction is a concept of hiding mechanism (কি লুকাব)
  2. Only showing those parts which is necessary.
  3. It is a thought process that is solve in design level.


  1. Encapsulation is the implementation of that concept(কিভাবে লুকাব)
  2. Hiding complexity.
  3. Here it is actual process of hiding that is solve in class level.

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Constant VS Read-Only

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Dictionary Meaning:

The meaning of “Constant” is “Something that does not or cannot change or vary.”

What is Constant?

Constants are unchangeable value that do not change for the life of the program. Constants are declared with the const modifier.

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