Enable RDLC Reporting in Visual Studio 2017

In this post we will see how to enable RDLC Reporting in Visual Studio 2017.

Go to Visual Studio Marketplace

  1. Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer for Visual Studio
    • Rdlc Designer and projects for ASP.Net and Windows Forms for Reporting Services Report Viewer Control
  2. Microsoft Reporting Services Projects
    • The Microsoft RDL report designer, projects and wizards for creating professional reports.

Download both package and install.

We also can install using Visual Studio >  Tools > Extensions and Updates

Go to Online Section > Visual Studio Marketplace > Search > “RDLC Reporting”

After installation re-open the project and Go to  Add New Item > Visual C# Items section

See both Report and Reporting Wizard is there.

Now we need to add Report Viewer Control(both Windows and Web) from NUGET

Go to Toolbox > General > Choose Items > .Net Components > Browse

Path: \WindowsFormsApp1\packages\Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportViewerControl.Winforms.140.340.80\lib\net40

Choose Item

Finally ReportViewer control appear in Toolbox, drag and drop it to the form.

Hope this’ll help 🙂

Original Post:

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