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MVC5 CRUD Using Generic Repository Pattern

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What does Repository mean?
Dictionary meaning: A place where things may be put for safekeeping.

Repository Pattern:
The Repository Pattern allows to centralise all data access logic in one place. It is a common construct to avoid duplication of data access logic throughout our application. The Repository pattern adds a separation layer between the data and business layers of an application.


Generic Repository Pattern:
A generic(relating to) repository is often used with the ORM(entity framework) to speed up the process of creating a data layer.With generic feature, we can reduce the amount of code we need for common scenarios.

interface IRepository
Show an interface of a generic repository of type T, which is a LINQ to SQL entity. It provides a basic interface with operations like Insert, Update, Delete, GetById and GetAll.

The IDisposable Interface, Provides a mechanism for releasing unmanaged resources.

where T : class

This is constraining the generic parameter to a class. Click for more
The type argument must be a reference type; this applies also to any class, interface, delegate, or array type.

Use of Generic Repository in  MVC-Application:


Declaration of GenericRepository reference.

In the constructor we initialize the object with GenericRepository class, passing Customer_Entities objct to the constructor as parameter 

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