Configure Workspace – TFS 2013

In our previous topic we have created Team Project. if missed please review from here.

in this part we will configure workspace. Workspace is a local copy where develop & test code. We can manage your workspaces from the Team Explorer. A default workspace created automatically, we can maintain multiple workspace.

FIG: 4.1.19 To modify Click Workspace.tfs19

FIG: 4.2.20 to modify existing workspace, Click Edit.tfs20

FIG: 4.3.21 edit workspace window will appear, Click Advanced.tfs21

FIG: 4.4.22 edit workspace window will appear with advanced option, here we can specify workspace whether its location is Local or Server. Click Ok.tfs22

FIG: 4.5.23 browse source control folder path for working items. Click Ok.tfs23

FIG: 4.6.24 browse local folder path for working items. Click Ok.tfs24

FIG: 4.7.25 yes/no prompt will appear with instruction of workspace modification. Choose Yes.


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