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What is MVC?

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MVC is a framework pattern that splits an application’s implementation logic into three component roles: models, views, and controllers. Read More

What is Unobtrusive JavaScript?

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Unobtrusive JavaScript is a general term that conveys a general philosophy, similar to the term REST (Representational State Transfer).

The high-level description is that unobtrusive JavaScript doesn’t intermix JavaScript code in your page markup.

What is assembly in .NET?

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It is a single deploy able unit that contains all the information about the implementation of classes , structures and interfaces

What is namespaces in .NET?

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It is a logical group of related classes and interfaces and that can be used by any language targeting the .net framework.

What is a class ?

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A class is the generic definition of what an object is. A Class describes all the attributes of the object, as well as the methods that implement the behavior of the member object. In other words, class is a template of an object.