Add Items to Source Control – TFS 2013

In our previous topic we have configured Workspace. if you missed please review from here.

In this topic we will see step by step how to add item to source control with check in/out.

FIG: 4.8.26 add folder structure/file in this step. File/folder will add with a plus icon that indicate item has added to source control. After check-in item the icon will change.tfs26

FIG: 4.9.27 right click on project collection choose check in pending changes to upload the added file to server.tfs27

FIG: 4.10.28 pending changes will included in team explorer, add description in comment field while check in. Click Check In.tfs28

FIG: 6.1.31 right click on main branch choose Add Items to Folder.tfs31

FIG: 6.2.32 browse desired local file to add to source control. Choose Finish.tfs32

FIG: 6.3.33 double click on project solution that we have added to source control. A configuration warning will appear that ask to bind the solution to source control. Click Yes.tfs33

FIG: 6.4.34 Select the project solution then click Bind.tfs34

FIG: 6.5.35 as you can see an extra file (.vssscc extension) is added to source control with bind information properties.tfs35

FIG: 6.6.36 let’s update the pending changes to server. Click Check In.tfs36

FIG: 6.7.37 as you can see the files are successfully checked in to the server.tfs37

FIG: 6.8.38 build the solution.tfs38


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